How It Works

For Shops:

If a shop wants to be a hosting site for the tournament they need to contact Technohunt and pay them the hosting fee. After that Technohunt will schedule a time to install the update software for the game to participate in the tournament. At 8 am Mtn time on the day the tournament is to start, start the game and it will automatically download necessary content. When a customer comes in and wants to shoot, if they have already registered with Technohunt you will start a game like normal and in the game mode option choose tournament challenge, you will also have to select tournament challege in scenario selection. If the customer has not registered with Technohunt they can register at your shop. After the customer has shot the game, the game will automatically post their score to the Technohunt server. The customer can then go to to view the leaderboard. When the tournament is over, your machine will automatically deactivate tournament mode and tournament content. If you would like to purchase the tournament scene pack contact Technohunt.

For Shooter:

A shooter will have to register online at the Technohunt store and pay the $10 entry fee. Once they have done this they can go to a hosting site and shoot the tournament once it has begun. Then the shooter can go to local store that is a hosting site and shoot the tournament. After they are done shooting their score gets posted online. If they would like to enter the tournament again they can return to Technohunt store and purchase another entry. After the tournament is over and if they are a winner they will need to contact Technohunt by phone email or on Facebook. They will be required to take a picture at the shop they shot at for Techohunt promotional pieces. Shooter will be responsible for any taxes on the prize money.