This page displays the regulations that shops must follow and meet for their shop to be a hosting site and for any entries shot at their store to be accepted in the tournament.

  • Shooting line must be at 60'.
  • System must be in good working order.
  • System must be calibrated and tested with in 5 days before tournament starts
  • Computer must have internet access.
  • Shop staff must be responsible and keep an eye on shooters to make sure no one is shooting from closer than 60' or trying to cheat in any other way.
  • Shop must verify that person shooting the system is the same person that registered to shoot.
  • Shop is responsible for making sure the name the shooter is shooting under matches the name they signed up under. If the shop notices the name is different, other than simple misspelling, then they must stop the shooter from shooting and fix error. Technohunt will not correct any entries shot under a different name or give a refund to shooter for shop error. The entry will just be disqualified.
  • Shop must be able to register shooters at their shop.

TechnoHUNT reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it suspects any cheating, score manipulation, or any other acts to effect outcome of tournament or winners of prizes.  If a shop, shop owner, or staff is caught cheating for someone shooting at their shop, the shop will be banned from participating in the tournament and future tournaments and all scores from that shop will be disqualified and no refunds given.