This page displays the rules that shooters must follow for their score to be entered into the tournament, and the rules for all the prize money to be awarded.

  • All shooter must shoot from 60'
  • Shooter must have paid the entry fee before shooting, if the entry fee was not paid for before shooting the tournament the score is invalid and will not be counted or reinstated for any reason.
  • Shooters are required to pay range fees at the shop they shoot at.
  • Name on system must match exactly the name on paid entry.
  • If there is a simple mistake spelling mistake on name please contact technohunt and we will help fix the problem and make sure your score is entered.
  • Shooter is responsible for making sure the name they are shooting under matches the name the signed up for. If the shooter notices the name is different, other than simple misspelling, then they must stop shooting and notify the shop immediately. Technohunt will not correct any entries shot under a different name that entry will just be disqualified.
  • Winners are responsible for paying taxes and reporting any winnings to federal and/or state governments.
  • If a shooter is caught shooting the tournament without paying for an entry once you will be given a warning if that same shooter is caught again shooting without paying for an entry all of the shooters entries will be disqualified and that shooter will be banned from participating in the tournament and future tournaments.

  • To qualify for a cash prize shooter must be 18 years of age and have paid the entry fee before the winning entry was shot.
  • If a winner is under the age of 18, winner will receive a gift card for the amount of prize money to the shop they shot at.
  • If you win a prize you must contact Technohunt on facebook or email and send them a copy of your id within 2 weeks of the end of the tournament.
  • Winner must be willing to take pictures for promotional purposes at the shop they shot at allows Technohunt to use that image in any promotional purposes.
  • Technohunt will mail out prize money in the form of prepaid visa cards or check within two weeks of receiving picture of id from winner. If you have not received your winnings within 3 weeks contact Technohunt. Prize money may be mailed to shop you shot at.
  • For tiered prizes to be awarded tournament must have at least 200 paid entries.
  • If 200 entries are not met, only top shooter and random prizes will be paid out.
  • A shooter will not be eligible to win a class B or class C prize if they have won a class A or B prize in the past. 
  • A shooter will not be eligible to win a class C prize if they have won a class C prize in the past.


TechnoHUNT reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it suspects any cheating, score manipulation, or any other acts to effect outcome of tournament or winners of prizes.