Tournament Example

Here's an example of how the prizes would be rewarded in a Qualifier. To demonstrate this we will use a previous tournament.

So to figure out the classes we take the top scorer which is Joerg at 188 and the bottom scorer Layne at 79.



We will subtract the lowest score from the highest to get the scoring range of the tournament. So the scoring range for this tournament is 109 then it is divided by 3. So this tournaments classes would be Class A 153 - 188,  Class B 116 - 152, and Class C 79 - 115. So the three winners would be Class A - Joerg, Class B - Loren, and Class C - Greg.


Since we had a tie between Stephen and Loren at 152 the tie breakers goes to the person who had more bullseye scores, if they both had the same number of bullseyes then it would go to who had more vital scores, and then body scores if they had the same number of vital scores. If the scores turned out identical then the prize money would be split. So the winner would be Loren because she had more bullseyes. Since nobody got exactly 115 the winner would be who ever was closest with out going over so that would be Greg.

After the tournament is finished everybody would be put into a class for future Class Tournaments. So they could compete with others in their skill level. If somebody wants to signup for a class tournament and have not competed in a tournament before they have the option of going to a participating shop and shooting the most recent qualifier scenario group or they get placed in Class A. Re-classing would happen after every tournament regardless of which type of tournament it is.

Technohunt reserves the right to adjust tiered prize awardment based on a curve. An example of this would be to remove top 10 scores and bottom 10 scores to adjust point range.

If you have any questions about this feel free to email us.