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Welcome to Technohunt's Tournaments page. This is where you come to see what tournament is ongoing, the current top ten, rules and regulations for the tournament for both shooters and shop owners. You can also find links to register to shoot a tournament or to host a tournament.

To view the current tournament or the most recent click on Technohunt Tournament.

Technohunt Tournaments are an exciting way for your shop and its shooters to compete with other shooters from around the country. Technohunt has two different versions of the tournament, Qualifiers and Class Tournaments.

Qualifiers are tournaments where everyone competes against everyone else to see who is the best shooter. After qualifiers are over, each contestant will be put into a class based on how well they shot. There will be three classes, Class A for the shooters ranking in the top of all participants, Class B for the shooter ranking in the middle of all participants, and Class C for the shooters ranking in the bottom of all participants. The top shooter in each class will win prize money.  If you would like to see an example of how this will work click here.